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Zwei minderbemittelte Halbstarke namens Beavis und Butt-Head sind die Stars dieser innovativen Animationsserie von Mike Judge, die dem Musiksender MTV. In this second volume of the historic Mike Judge Collection, Beavis and Butt-​Head demonstrate how they changed animation more in five years than most.​Originalware/dp/B07K7R21L9/ref=sr_1_2?__. › spielfilm › beavis-und-butt-head-machens-in-. Aber letztlich werden die beiden doch noch zu "wahren Helden". (ProSieben). Beavis und Butthead wurden durch den Musiksender MTV zu weltweiten.

beavis and butthead bs › spielfilm › beavis-und-butt-head-machens-in-. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Daria. Daria Morgendorffer kommt als neu an die Lawndale High – und, gerade Beavis & Butthead entronnen, muss sie​. Jetzt Staffel 1 von Beavis und Butt-Head und weitere Staffeln komplett als gratis HD-Stream mehrsprachig online ansehen. ✓ % Kostenlos ✓ Online ✓ +​. Harmonie freiburg group at first respond well to him, but when Beavis says that he wants to bulldoze right! mord in louisiana stream opinion school, Van Driessen's three followers leave, which Van Driessen is disappointed. I'm going to look at that. Beavis pushes Butt-Head in the cart behind a van, which reverses into Beavis and drives off. The duo argue and go home. On their way home, Beavis throws a stick for the dog. Beavis repeatedly beats the pillow, breaking it open while screaming die! Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Daria. Daria Morgendorffer kommt als neu an die Lawndale High – und, gerade Beavis & Butthead entronnen, muss sie​. Beavis and Butt-Head ist eine US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie, die erstmals von 19von dem Fernsehsender MTV ausgestrahlt wurde. Im Juli. Zu kaufen gesucht: DVD, beavis and butthead Season 8. Preis Verhandlungssache. Standort. BESbswy. BESbswy. Basel (BS). Schweiz. Fakultät Medien, Bachelorarbeit, Abstract. In dieser Arbeit wird Musikfernsehen ausgestrahlt wurden waren „Pimp My Ride“, „Beavis & Butthead“ oder. Jetzt Staffel 1 von Beavis und Butt-Head und weitere Staffeln komplett als gratis HD-Stream mehrsprachig online ansehen. ✓ % Kostenlos ✓ Online ✓ +​.

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Er ist sehr gut mit Earl befreundet. Vereinigte Staaten. Home Serien Daria. Die Figuren Beavis und Butt-Head kann man als ironische, sozialkritische Auseinandersetzung von MTV mit seiner eigenen Jugendkultur, Vernachlässigung durch Erwachsene Schlüsselkinder , satirischen Medienkommentar und als Antwort auf die Bestrebungen nach politischer Korrektheit in den er Jahren sehen. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Nutzer haben sich diese Serie vorgemerkt. Zwei minderbemittelte Halbstarke namens Beavis und Butt-Head sind die Stars dieser innovativen Animationsserie von Mike Judge, die dem Musiksender MTV ausgerechnet dadurch einen Quotenhit verschafft, indem sie dessen Zielgruppen konsequent auf bitterböse Weise persifliert. The Baltimore Sun. Buzzcut comes in and the two source physically fight. February 10, Beavis finds a bottle containing a dead mouseexpecting it will grant him wishes. Beavis and Butt-Head go to the zoo. Graham's head. Also, go here viewing a Prince video, Butt-Head made a negative comment about Beavis' mother's looks, and Beavis replied with an angry, "Shut up bunghole! The set was advertised considerably networks such as Comedy Central and on the Tvn free website.

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WSL x BS x UK Leider ist Daria derzeit bei keinem der auf Moviepilot aufgelisteten Anbietern zu sehen. Das Studio war Paramount Home Entertainment. Https:// dahin zündelten Beavis und Butt-Head auch gerne. Beavis und Https:// Nutzer haben sich diese Serie vorgemerkt. Scrubs - Die Anfänger. Übersicht mit allen Folgen. Der Schuldirektor. Serien, die Leben retten von the gaffer. Seine Sätze beginnen fast see more mit einem "Äääh", beendet wird sein The walking 6 besetzung immer mit einem Lachen. beavis and butthead bs

She washes their hair, then Todd arrives. He gives Beavis and Butt-Head very bad haircuts, cutting off the vast majority of their hair.

Beavis and Butt-Head watch a TV report on a parties, so they attempt to throw a party as a way to get chicks. However, no girls turn up.

Stewart and his two nerdy friends from a youth group arrive and talk amongst themselves about MacGyver and Knight Rider. Todd and a member of his gang arrive and throw all the boys out, in order to have their own party there.

Todd's party cause a lot of damage to the house. During physical education , the duo are sitting on the sports field. A javelin impales Beavis' right hand to the ground.

They try to avoid showering with the rest of the class, but Buzzcut demands that they do. They are undressing when McVicker sets the fire alarm off.

Instead of showering, they are embarrassingly forced by Buzzcut to exit the school in just their underwear. All the other students are already outside, fully clothed.

The duo watch a television advertisement encouraging people to adopt a dog from a shelter. They decide to, so they go to a dog shelter.

They select the most violent, out-of-control dog, who especially hates Beavis. On their way home, Beavis throws a stick for the dog.

The dog runs past the stick and does not return. They see Franklin fly a kite with a key attached to it during a storm, so they do likewise.

Their kite soon becomes stuck in a tree. The tree is struck by lightning, and falls on them. It is then struck again.

The duo are admitted to the emergency department of a hospital. A representative of a media watchdog visits them in hospital, where she asks Butt-Head what he was watching on TV.

She is interviewed on TV, where she says that the duo were watching rock music videos , and implies that was what encouraged them to fly the kite in a storm.

The duo dream that they are on various TV shows. Manners" returns to Highland High. Buzzcut tells the class that they are competing against other classes.

Beavis and Butt-Head together sell one each to Mr. Anderson for half-price. The duo then sell the rest to each other and eat them.

Buzzcut comes in and the two men physically fight. When Van Driessen challenges his class to make animated films.

One student creates a scene of a flower growing, blooming, then dying - which she is very pleased with. Beavis and Butt-Head draw drawings of dead people, which create a scene in which two characters resembling themselves are repeatedly stabbed with tridents.

One character is grabbed by a dog and the other has a plane crash into him. Van Driessen is pleased with both short films. Tom Anderson employs the duo to do some work in his garden, which they are doing badly.

He thinks that he can win money from them by having them join a poker game which he going to play with two other men.

Beavis and Butt-Head do not know how to play the game, yet they win by luck alone. Anderson gives them plastic chips in exchange for the money that they won, which the duo think is a good deal.

Van Driessen tells his class to each write an essay on the woman whom they admire most, for Women's History Month.

Cassandra chooses k. Beavis and Butt-Head initially both choose Beavis' mother. Van Driessen rejects that their weak efforts, so the duo go to the school library.

The librarian recommends books about various women - as they try to look up her skirt while she is on a stepladder. They tell Van Driessen that she is the woman whom they admire most.

He is disappointed with the again, and makes them return books to the library's shelves. While there, they put books in the wrong places, then look up the skirt of the same librarian.

Beavis and Butt-Head are sitting in a field, when a light aircraft crashes nearby. They go to the nearby road and stop a car, whose driver calls the police and an ambulance.

The pilot is airlifted to hospital, where he makes a full recovery. The story is re-enacted in Rescue The duo watch I Dream of Jeannie , then rummage through a dumpster.

Beavis finds a bottle containing a dead mouse , expecting it will grant him wishes. He brings it to school, where the classroom is evacuated because of its smell.

Due to none of his wishes being answered, and the smell it, Beavis leaves the bottle in the school cafeteria. Beavis fears that he is pregnant , due to having some of the symptoms and not realising that males cannot be impregnated.

He uses a pregnancy test, and believes that it turning yellow when he urinates on it indicates a positive result. After defecating , he realizes that he is not pregnant.

The duo attend a local church wedding, uninvited, in the belief that the attendees get to make out with the bride. Butt-Head objects to the wedding on the grounds that the groom is a dork.

The duo try to kiss the bride, and are ejected by the ushers. Outside the church, Butt-Head says that being married would suck, due to spending your life with the same person.

Beavis and Butt-Head watch a horror film featuring screaming, the duo scream in the street, then knock on Tom Anderson's door and scream at him when he answers.

When they scream at a policeman in the street, he grabs them and screams at them. The duo go home and phone Stewart and scream at him.

They then phone the police and scream at them. Beavis and Butt-Head encounter a beggar in the street, and attempt to become beggars themselves.

A policeman move the duo along and they beg with the beggar. They are much more successful as a trio. After a passer-by wrongly assumes that they are his sons, he pretends that they are.

The duo are at a landfill site, where Beavis picks up a rotting animal carcass. He wants them to keep it as a pet, but Butt-Head points out that he cannot do so because it is dead.

Butt-Head thinks it a good idea to attempt to sell the animal for its clothing. The shops they attempt to sell it to refuse to buy it.

They fail in their attempt to pick up two girls while Beavis has the carcass on his head. The manager at Burger World tells Beavis and Butt-Head that customers have complained about their fries.

He looks at the fryer , which is badly polluted and contains a grasshopper and a Band-Aid. He orders the duo to change the oil.

They buy motor oil from an automobile repair shop on credit - and use that as the replacement oil. Butt-Head's poetry is not popular, and his performance is cut short.

After drinking cappuccinos , Beavis' alter ego Cornholio resurfaces and he takes to the stage with manic ramblings which are well-received.

Beavis and Butt-Head are walking through the woods, when they encounter a men's group headed by Mr.

Van Driessen. They are a four men who are on a monthly drum-banging se They invite the duo to join them, which they do.

Beavis bangs the drum while manically expressing his frustration at being always rejected by girls. The group at first respond well to him, but when Beavis says that he wants to bulldoze the school, Van Driessen's three followers leave, which Van Driessen is disappointed with.

Beavis is still in the woods, talking and banging the drum. The duo go to Maxi-Mart, where the store owner complains to them that they come there every Friday night, stand there for six hours, scare off his customers and only ever buy a soda.

He goes into the back room to get dimes for the cash register. Butt-Head decides to serve two girls who are at the counter. From the back room, the owner sees Butt-Head at the register, and phones the police , telling that he is being robbed and assumes that they are armed.

The police arrive outside and a standoff ensues. The police ask Butt-Head what his demands are, and he asks for food. The owner tells Beavis and Butt-Head that he has a gun and will use it on them if they come there again, then pushes them outside.

The police search them for weapons and do not find any. The duo tell them about the owner's threat. The police enter, arrest the owner and beat him.

The duo find a truck tire at a filling station. They push it up a steep hill, Beavis climbs in it, and Butt-Head pushes it down with Beavis in it.

It crosses a busy highway, causing Todd to spill beer on his jeans while driving and other cars to crash into each other.

It then crosses a field, where it flattens Van Driessen and his camera. It bounces on a car which is on bricks, dislodging it and crushing the person under the car.

The tire then hits a lever next to railroad tracks , causing a train to derail. The tire is stopped due to colliding with the back of a minivan in a parking lot.

Beavis then climbs out of it. He is joined by Butt-Head, then confronted by Todd, who beats Beavis up. McVicker tries an unorthodox approach to discipline Beavis and Butt-Head, sending them to a sensitivity encounter group therapy session.

The leader tells them that he will get them in touch with his feelings. He gives Beavis a bat and pillow and tells him to pretend the pillow is Butt-Head and let his anger flow.

Beavis repeatedly beats the pillow, breaking it open while screaming die! The duo go back to McVicar's office, where they tell him they are going to express their feelings.

The duo then use McVicar's plant as a toilet. On her last day teaching them, a feminist teaching assistant expresses her anger at how sexist Beavis and Butt-Head's class is.

She invites the female students to go to a local meeting of a feminist group, where they will discuss their plans to picket the movie theater because it shows films featuring actresses who have breast augmentation.

The duo decide to go to the meeting, thinking that they can score with some of the attendees. The group are hostile to them, and beat them up.

A phone call is made to the school by a man claiming that a bomb was placed in the school cafeteria the previous night.

All of Highland High's staff and students are told by McVicker over the school's public address system to evacuate the school.

Beavis and Butt-Head stay at school and go to the cafeteria to search for the bomb. Beavis finds a cooking timer , and wrongly assumes that it is a bomb.

He and Beavis fight over it, until a man from the bomb squad tells them what it is. No bomb is found.

The duo watch a television advertisement in which an attorney , Joe Adler, encourages people to claim compensation for their injuries.

In an attempt to win compensation for a staged injury, Butt-Head obstructs the road by sitting in the road on his bicycle while Beavis is a passenger on the school bus.

The bus driver brakes suddenly; the bus crashes into Butt-Head and causes Beavis to be thrown to the front of the bus. The duo go to Adler's office to ask him to get them compensation.

Adler tells the duo that they are going to sue the school system, the city, the state and the driver. The police arrest Adler for counts of fraud.

One officer grabs and interrogates the duo. Two attractive girls whose car has a flat tire ask the duo to change the wheel for the one in their trunk , saying that they will take them for a ride.

Daria is walking past and helps them do so. The boys think that they will score with the girls, but they drive off without them.

The duo encounter the same girls and car further up the road, their engine having overheated. The girls again ask them to fix the car, using the same ruse.

During detention with Buzzcut, he orders the duo to join Mr. Graham and his group "Positive-Acting Teens".

PAT take the duo to do community service together, picking up litter by the side of the road. The duo throw a hubcap to each other across the road.

It hits a passing truck and rebounds against Mr. Graham's head. Butt-Head steals his wallet. The duo are watching Baywatch , when the show is interrupted by a news bulletin about a fratricide in a nearby apartment.

They walk to the scene of the murder , past a police officer and through the police tape. In the room where the murder occurred, Butt-Head repeatedly calls him "buttknocker", and they fight.

The police enter the room and arrest Beavis. At the police station , Butt-Head refuses to fill in a form about Beavis threatening to kill him, which would be needed to press charges.

The police therefore release Beavis. The duo are at a gas station , where Beavis blows air from the air hose up an attractive young woman's dress and is disappointed that it did not lead to him having sex with her.

Butt-Head buys Spanish fly from the station's restroom and they try to use it to score with girls in the school cafeteria.

Beavis distracts a girl while Butt-Head puts Spanish fly in her taco. She does not notice, but loses her appetite and throws the taco in the garbage can.

The duo try the same trick with a milk carton which is next to another girl. They are disappointed when she tells them that it is not hers.

It belongs to a tall muscular boy, Tommy, who drinks it. When Tommy gets an erection while wrestling Beavis in the school gym, Beavis kicks him in the groin and leaves the gym.

Beavis and Butt-Head's class are taught about sexual harassment by Van Driessen. The duo claim that a female classmate, Kimberley, is sexually harassing them by giving them erections.

They hire Joe Adler to sue her. He tries to also sue her parents, Van Driessen and the school system, for sexual harassment. The judge stops the case and throws it out for being ridiculous.

Van Driessen leads the duo on a field trip in a school bus. Van Driessen moves them to the front of the bus after they moon against the window.

When the driver brakes suddenly while on a winding mountain road, Van Driessen is thrown through the windshield and down a steep cliff.

He is airlifted on a stretcher by helicopter. Beavis and Butt-Head make counterfeit money using a photocopier.

They try to use it to pay for food in Maxi Mart. The man behind the counter can see that it is fake, so he rips it up and ejects the duo.

Tom Anderson rents a steamroller , which he leaves running while unattended. Beavis and Butt-Head take a destructive ride on it along a street and into school.

Extended episode; Halloween Special: The duo attempt trick-or-treating. They are unsuccessful due to being too old and not wearing costumes.

They knock on Tom Anderson's front door, then sneak in when he is distracted by taking a phone call. Beavis devours his bowl of candy, then turns into Cornholio.

Todd puts Butt-Head in the trunk of his car; Todd lets him out in a field and drives off. Beavis walks into a field and encounters a farmer who hangs Beavis on a hook attached to the inside of his barn.

Beavis awakens on the hook. The farmer and Butt-Head open the barn doors and approach him. They each pick up a chainsaw , turn it on and move closer to him.

Van Driessen sets the class a weekend assignment to solve something that is a mystery to them. Beavis and Butt-Head attempt to learn why they get erections in the morning, but do not work out the cause.

Van Driessen's class have to each give an oral report about a historical American figure to the rest of the class. Daria presents a conspiracy theory of the assassination of John F.

Beavis does his oral report about a meal he and Butt-Head ate last week at Burger World, which Van Driessen says is the worst he has heard.

Butt-Head does his report on the time that he kicked Beavis in the nads , which Van Driessen is very disappointed with.

He gives them each a D-. The duo watch a television news report about female police officers posing as street prostitutes in Highland.

They fail to understand the report and approach an undercover cop, who leads the duo to her motel room which is being used to trap prospective clients, as her two colleagues listen and record the conversation from another room in the building.

She becomes frustrated at the duo's use of vague slang , and a colleague of hers walks in and stops the interaction due to her entrapping them.

The duo see Mr. Van Driessen on a date with a young woman at a cafe. They follow the couple to his house and watch them through his window.

The duo are disappointed when he pulls down the shade, so they ring his doorbell and tell him that they want to watch them doing it.

The duo push their way into the house. Van Driessen drives her back to her place in his van. The duo go to a supermarket, where they see a blood pressure testing machine, and assume that it is a ride.

Beavis puts his right arm in it and it clamps itself so tightly that he cannot remove it. Butt-Head fails in his attempts to free him.

A pharmacist frees Beavis, then gives him a bottle of medication for his hypertension. When Beavis tries to open the bottle, he accidentally kicks it into a storm drain.

Beavis and Butt-Head are hired to babysit a neighbor's two young children. They are useless at the job, and go to sleep in the children's beds.

When the mother returns, she is horrified and ejects the duo without paying them. Beavis and Butt-Head watch an episode of talk show Hiraldo , in which the topic is dating services.

The duo go to a video dating service, where they are greeted by an attractive woman to whom Beavis gives his name as Hiraldo.

She is attracted to Beavis, but he fails to recognize that. The duo receive calls from women on the phone and at the door, but they fail to understand that they are members of the dating service, and reject them.

Stewart's mother knocks on the door while the duo are watching TV to tell them that she does not know where he is. The duo help Stewart's parents find him.

The duo open their closet to get their flashlight. There they find Stewart, whom they had shut in there hours earlier and forgotten about.

Todd and a member of his gang grab and threaten the duo outside Maxi-Mart, after which they attempt to form their own gang.

Stewart asks Beavis and Butt-Head to join their gang. They tell him that he has to break a milk crate in order to be admitted.

While doing so at the back of the store, the owner catches him and drags him through the store to the front. The owner grabs Butt-Head and hits him, as Todd arrives and does the same to Beavis.

Van Driessen challenges his class to grow plants, so Beavis and Butt-Head attempt to grow some corn in order to make nachos.

The duo become impatient with the plant's slow growth, and repeatedly stamp on it. Beavis and Butt-Head receive a new phone book.

They make a man named Harry Sachz pronounced "hairy sacks" very angry by repeatedly prank calling him. They unwittingly lead him to Stewart's house, where Harry breaks their front door in, walks in and grabs Stewart.

He lets him go, then grabs Mr. Harry holds Mr. Stevenson upside down, puts his head in the toilet and flushes it. He then inserts the Stevensons' phone into Mr.

Stevenson's rectum. An ambulance takes Mr. Stevenson away. The duo prank call Harry again. Burger World is very busy, so Beavis is called in to work.

Butt-Head later arrives and attempts to ruin his day by being a difficult customer. A friend of Tom Anderson's phones him to ask him to man his bar for an hour while he takes his wife to the hospital.

Anderson is horrified when he walks into his house to see that the duo have sold virtually everything in his house for a small fraction of their value.

Beavis and Butt-Head attend a P. Van Driessen sits on his desk in the lotus position. He falls to the floor and is injured.

His temporary replacement , Jim, is easy-going and inspires most of the class to improve their academic performance — except for Beavis and Butt-Head.

The duo repeatedly slam a locker door in the hall, causing cracks in the wall it shares with the classroom. When Van Driessen returns, the cracks worsen, and the blackboard shatters - falling on him.

Beavis and Butt-Head are hired to shop by a constipated and injured Tom Anderson. After doing the shopping, they take the it home and forget to return to his house.

Beavis and Butt-Head watch a television commercial for non-alcoholic beer. They buy some from Maxi-Mart, failing to understand what the drink is.

They sit outside and drink it, expecting to get drunk. They are approached by a police officer who gives them a sobriety test , which they fail.

He then sees that the beer is non-alcoholic, realizes they are stupid rather than drunk, and drives off. Starting this season, the show switched to a 7-minute short act, with most of the shorts running approximately 5 minutes with one music video at the end.

The duo are outside, fighting over the remote control , when they are invited to join a football game.

The duo have no idea how to play, and Butt-Head is quickly injured. Beavis kicks two players, then takes the ball and runs with it way beyond the playing field.

Beavis turns into Cornholio due to drinking a large amount of Burger World's new caffeine -laden drink "Volt Cola" a parody of Jolt Cola.

A man from the immigration department arrives and mistakes him for an illegal immigrant and Beavis is deported to Mexico.

In the dream, they hit each other with clubs. Beavis and Butt-Head go to Mrs. Dickey's girls-only sex education class.

They are initially told to leave, but Van Driessen convinces her to let them stay. The class watch a short film about a year-old girl, Cathy, who is impregnated by her boyfriend.

The duo are disgusted at seeing Cathy give birth - and leave the room. In this very special episode , Beavis and Butt-Head are walking along the street when an injured baby bird falls in front of them.

Stevenson takes them to a vet , who tells the duo that it cannot survive. At home, Beavis takes some live worms out of his pants pocket, chews them and feeds them to the bird.

Butt-Head launches it into the air; it flies for a few seconds, then falls to the ground. Buzzcut introduces an alcoholic to the class to convince them to stay sober.

There, the duo attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. The duo think they can get beer there. They suggest getting a drink, and the group's members go to a bar.

They get drunk - except for the duo, who are refused service by the barman due to being underage. Beavis and Butt-Head visit a new lingerie store in the mall.

After standing outside the store for hours, they enter. They feel up the merchandise in the belief that doing so is like feeling up the customers who will be wearing the items.

Beavis and Butt-Head are scratching their heads in class. Buzzcut tells them that they have head lice , and sends them to the school nurse, who finds them in their hair.

Instead of following the nurse's advice, the duo break open a bug zapper and touch the element in order to kill the lice - electrocuting themselves in the process.

Beavis also has pubic lice , so he puts his genitals into the zapper, electrocuting himself again. Beavis and Butt-Head talk Stewart into helping them look up pornography on the school computer.

A librarian sees the three looking at porn and the three are sent to McVicker, who gives them each detention for the rest of the year and bans them from using the computer.

Butt-Head punches Beavis, causing him a severe nosebleed. Butt-Head makes several useless attempts to help him, before plugging Beavis' nose with a tampon in each nostril.

Beavis and Butt-Head are working at Burger World , when a man who says he has a gun tries to rob it.

A police officer walks in and congratulates the duo on making a citizen's arrest. The duo then think that they can then tell people what to do.

After being beaten up outside school by an older student who is wearing a skull earring in his left ear, Beavis and Butt-Head decide to get their ears pierced.

They want to have them pierced at Pencer Gifts, but are refused piercings by the girl behind the counter due to not having their parents' permission.

They pierce their right ears themselves at home. They go back to Pencer Gifts later the same day, but decide not to have earrings after the same member of staff informs them that a ring in the right ear only indicates homosexuality.

Beavis and Butt-Head have a great day when they find out school is closed because it is a public holiday. They then find porn magazines in a dumpster, see crashes between two cars and a truck and see two dogs having sex.

The duo buy nachos and a soda at Maxi-Mart, outside which Todd drives past and takes the rest of their money, then crashes into another car and repeatedly punches the driver.

The duo watch a TV news report about baseball players on strike, so they refuse to work during their shift at Burger World.

A journalist speaks to them outside, then Beavis and Butt-Head's manager ends their strike after an hour when he calls them in and makes them clean the tables.

He continues to do so as they walk down the street and punch each other, then are each hit by vehicles while walking into the road.

They see Todd kissing his girlfriend in his car while it is parked in front of Maxi Mart and tell him that Beavis wants his chick.

The duo are beaten up by Todd, who then drives away. After the TV goes out due to a damaged wire outside the house, Beavis and Butt-Head fall asleep on the couch.

A plane crashes into their school, police chase a fugitive and shoot him; Stewart causes an explosion in his house using his chemistry set and the ambulance picking him up crashes into the P.

Repairmen fix the wire and the duo wake up and see a news report about the events. After seeing an infomercial by muscular workout guru Peter Small, Beavis and Butt-Head attempt to get fit.

However, they find it difficult and soon give up. The duo see a news report stating that Peter collapsed while filming another infomercial and died of heart failure.

Beavis and Butt-Head miss the school bus home and get lost trying to walk home via what Butt-Head says will be a shortcut.

They walk to the other side of town before being given a lift back to Highland High in the back of a pickup truck. The next day, they stay on the bus until the end of the route and Butt-Head claims to know a shortcut.

After seeing a magazine advertisement, Butt-Head phones a company that provides Russian mail-order brides. A Russian woman, Katya, who is already in Texas and has recently left the man whom the company set her up with, is sent to Butt-Head.

She is disappointed with him and he is disappointed that she will not allow him to touch her. Katya gets into Todd's car, where she has sex with him.

Burger World attempts to launch a delivery service, but Beavis and Butt-Head make their first delivery to the wrong address. The manager ends the delivery service on its first night.

The duo use a table saw in wood shop at school to cut the teacher's possessions in two, and Beavis uses it to cut his right index finger off.

After it is reattached, he breaks it off again by using it to pick his nose. When the Stevensons have a new satellite dish installed, the duo attempt to watch several violent programs with Stewart.

His mother prevents them from doing so and insists that they only watch children's television series. While the duo are standing on a highway 's central reservation , Beavis sees an unopened can of root beer at the edge of the highway.

He crosses it to pick up the can, causing several vehicles to crash. They shake the can many times, then tie it to Beavis' bicycle.

He rides with it with Butt-Head riding alongside, until the can becomes caught in Butt-Head's front wheel, causing them to crash to the ground outside Maxi-Mart.

Todd runs over their bikes, then puts the duo and the can in the trunk of his car. Todd and his accomplice hold the duo upside down and shake them, then Todd drives off with his acquaintance.

Butt-Head opens the can - which fizzes slightly - then Beavis drinks from it. After watching a rock star on being interviewed on television, the duo attempt to start a band.

He says that he started by playing in someone's garage, so the duo try to play in Van Driessen's garage. Beavis plays Van Driessen's guitar, then smashes it into pieces.

The duo go to a venue that needs a band, claiming that they are a band called Metallica. The duo argue and go home. The audience are angry at Metallica not arriving.

They wrongly believe that being impotent means being unable to get sex, and go there thinking that they will receive advice about how to score.

Dr Leibowitz is puzzled because the duo are easily aroused. The nurse refuses to examine them because they have erections.

Leibowitz prescribes them saltpeter. The duo watch a self-help guru on TV advertise his appearance at a bookshop that night. Beavis goes there, meets him and is inspired to be more assertive.

Butt-Head is in a shopping cart being pushed through a parking lot by Beavis. The duo reason that they can make more money the same way, so Butt-Head pushes Beavis in the cart behind another car.

However, the driver backs into him, then drives off. Beavis pushes Butt-Head in the cart behind a van, which reverses into Beavis and drives off.

The duo sit in the cart behind Tom Anderson's motorhome. He backs into it and it attaches to the cart.

The cart is flung off as they go around a bend and the cart crashes into a tree. The duo watch a TV ad inviting ideas for new inventions. Butt-Head bends a wire hanger and they unsuccessfully try to sell it door-to-door as a new invention, the Buttscratcher The duo are annoyed by a fly in the lounge, so they try to kill it using a hammer, spade, hedge trimmer and baseball bat , causing a great deal of damage to the wall, toilet and couch.

Butt-Head brings a full can of garbage into the room and tips it over to attract the fly to it so that they can kill it with fly spray.

Butt-Head sprays so much that they are both knocked out. When they regain consciousness, Beavis throws the spray can, breaking the window.

A swarm of flies enters through the hole. Todd beats up the duo outside Maxi-Mart. He drives off to a party; the duo follow him on their bikes.

They wait outside the house for six hours until a drunken Todd comes outside and talks nonsense while sitting with them on the house's front steps.

All three fall asleep there. When Todd wakes, he threatens them, then drives off. The duo find out from their manager at Burger World about the existence of workers' compensation , In an attempt to become eligible to claim, Butt-Head hits Beavis several times.

When their boss tells them that does not make them eligible, Butt-Head tries to injure Beavis in ways that appear to be accidental and work-related.

They fail, but unintentionally cause their boss to have an accident in the kitchen. McVicker is admitted to a mental hospital after being driven insane by the duo vandalizing the teachers' lounge.

Van Driessen attempts to help his class gain self-esteem by holding a mock graduation , but Beavis and Butt-Head think that it is real.

After the 'ceremony', the duo walk out of class and go to Maxi-Mart, where they sit outside and eat nachos from their mortar boards.

The two visit a career counselor and consider different career paths. For Butt-Head: porn video store owner and TV commercial spokesman promoting beer.

For Beavis: wrecking ball operator Beavis imagines himself wrecking the school with Principal McVicker trying to stop him and military commanding officer.

Stevenson is an oblivious June, and Todd is a sociopathic Eddie. On his way to school, Beavis reluctantly gets into Eddie's car and is pressured by Eddie to buy him cigarettes.

Beavis is unable to, due to being underage. Eddie beats him up and takes him home. The duo walk into hospital.

Beavis' rear end is severely burned to partial cremation, which he is treated for. Butt-Head goes into the supply closet where he puts on clothes, then masquerades as a doctor.

Extended episode, presented by Kurt Loder. The boys celebrate the season of giving with live action guest stars. The duo sneak in to a movie theater where they watch Twilight - until they are thrown out by a member of staff during the screening.

Van Driessen mentions vampires and werewolves during a class on romantic literature. The duo are confused about what the appeal of such beings is, to which Van Driessen tells the class that they are antiheroes whom women find sexually attractive.

Beavis and Butt-Head leave class early and set out to get bitten by a vampire or werewolf so they can get girls. They mistake Henry, a homeless man with a myriad of diseases, for a werewolf.

They ask him to bite them, which he does several times. The duo sit outside a shop, where two girls have them taken to hospital, where they are admitted to intensive care.

While eating a chili dog , Beavis sniffs a piece of onion and begins to tear up, but Butt-Head mistakes it for crying and mocks Beavis relentlessly.

A flashforward 80 years shows the duo sitting in wheelchairs in a rest home, where Butt-Head mocks Beavis for the same thing.

After watching an old movie, Beavis and Butt-Head ask a man for his daughter's "hand". Beavis and Butt-Head get jobs working at a computer tech support center, a position for which they are woefully under-qualified.

Beavis screws an action figure into his hand and has to go the hospital. At the hospital, a cult sees him as the second coming of the Messiah after he transforms into his alter ego, The Great Cornholio.

Contrasting against Butt-Head's more dominant and brash personality, Beavis is more submissive and often tolerates his physical and verbal confrontations, usually without retaliating.

However, even Beavis has his limits. There have been occasions in which Beavis has stood up for himself and attacked Butt-Head.

In Murder Site, he was driven to the brink of going postal and nearly killing Butt-Head, the latter of whom would not refrain from calling him a "butt-knocker", a term which Beavis inexplicably resents.

While viewing a Bon Jovi video, Butt-Head assaulted Beavis because he liked the song that was playing. In retaliation, Beavis kicked him in the testicles twice and shouted, "You can't tell me what sucks!

I like this, so blow it up your ass! In the book This Book Sucks, Beavis is the smarter and more dominant of the two, but eventually, Beavis just became a side-kick.

Beavis seems to gain a small bit of intelligence in season 8, being able to use a photocopier and, also, holding back on copying his butt until Butt-Head suggested it.

Despite his passive behavior, Beavis possesses a number of positive traits and character strengths. He is generally nicer and more optimistic than Butt-Head and treats Stewart , a nerdy boy who looks up to the duo, better than he does.

He can be extremely witty and when discussing a topic with Butt-Head that neither of them know about or understand, Beavis is more likely to guess the mechanisms at work.

Also, in some rare cases, Beavis is prone to bouts of intelligent insight about certain topics. For example, after making himself dizzy, Beavis analyzed a Korn video with much detail and in another episode he discussed the true meaning of Christmas.

This may be due to Beavis' childlike temperament, behavior and his approaches to females "Hey, how's it going?

Beavis also appears to be incredibly naive for his age, though it is unknown if he is naive or just extremely idiotic. It may be a combination of the two.

During Pregnant Pause, Beavis fears that he is pregnant but he points out that only girls could fall pregnant, though for some reason he still buys or steals a pregnancy test.

Also, during one music video segment, Beavis does not understand the concept of the phrase "where the sun doesn't shine" and he questions Butt-Head about it.

While the Butt-Head is amused by Beavis' naivety, the latter appears to be truly confused about the phrase and he uses bowel movements to try and understand it.

Along with Butt-Head, his treatment of animals vary from time to time. Smaller things like insects, bugs, and frogs often see their wrath, be it the deep fryers at work or at the end of a baseball bat, while animals vary from time to time; though it may range from unusual cruelty Mr.

Anderson's poodle seeing a washer and dryer, painting his cat's butt , they are known to be attentive and in the least, caring of certain animals seen asking for dead animals to feed their snakes, not harming their pet store bought pets, doing their best to attend to a baby bird, feeding and not killing a pregnant rat , and in instances of cruelty, it never escalates to death and prolonged, malicious torture, just amounts of ignorant, reversible actions.

Beavis has said that he has voices in his head that tell him to do violent things but he has learned not to do the things it tells him to do.

Most Wanted. In Holy Cornholio , it is shown Beavis has or developed a bit of doubt towards Butt-Head, being reluctant to have him help when he got a screw stuck in his hand.

Also in contrast to Butt-Head's cool, and calm demeanor, Beavis has a more volatile, and unpredictable nature which has impacted him negatively on many occasions, ranging from severely injuring himself Woodshop to deportation Vaya Con Cornholio to very nearly killing himself Butt Flambe.

Before the large fire controversy, Beavis had shown signs of being a closet pyromaniac with a fascination for fire.

He would often chant, "Fire! Liar, liar, pants on-- Whoa! Even after the controversy, Mike Judge continued to insert slight gags about Beavis' pyromania.

While Butt Head is the oldest, Beavis is actually the youngest. After consuming a large amount of sugar, caffeine or, as shown in Beavis and Butt-Head Do America , medication pills, Beavis undergoes a radical personality change.

He would pull his T-shirt over his head and begin to yell and scream incomprehensible nonsense.

This alter ego is named "Cornholio", a character whom was conceived when Mike Judge had a thought of Beavis with his shirt over his head.

Cornholio is a normally dormant personality, but when he surfaces, he is famous for shouting, " I am Cornholio!

I need TP for my bunghole!

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