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Psychopath Frank hat ein gestörtes Verhältnis zu Frauen und ist zum Serienkiller geworden. Auf seinen nächtlichen Streifzügen durch New York jagt er seine Opfer, ermordet und skalpiert sie. Mit den Haaren und Kleidern der Toten dekoriert er zu. Maniac ist ein US-amerikanischer Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr Der Film des Regisseurs William Lustig zählt zum Subgenre des Slasherfilms. Schnittberichte, News (z.B. Uncut-DVDs & Blu-rays) und Reviews zu Maniac (​USA, | Horror, Thriller) ▻ Alles zum Thema Zensur. Maniac (). Starten möchte ich meine Film-Challenge im Jahre , welches für das Horror-Genre einige herausragende Filme bereithielt. Die bahnbrechende Performance von Joe Spinell und die meisterhaften Spezialeffekte von Tom Savini machen Maniac zu einem Sleazefest.

maniac 1980

Die bahnbrechende Performance von Joe Spinell und die meisterhaften Spezialeffekte von Tom Savini machen Maniac zu einem Sleazefest. MANIAC (). William Lustigs immer noch indizierter Undergroundstreifen von bietet weitaus mehr, als sein Ruf erahnen lässt. Maniac (). Starten möchte ich meine Film-Challenge im Jahre , welches für das Horror-Genre einige herausragende Filme bereithielt. Anna D'Antoni Abigail Clayton Running out of binge-worthy read more Deadbeat at Dawn Color: Color. Quotes Frank Zito : [ to the nurse victim ] Now now now, it'll be alright. Pieces Comedy Horror Sci-Fi. Crazy Credits. Frank then stalks the very schnitzelstube that, but she notices visit web page and escapes into a nearby subway station. maniac 1980 Maniac - High stream water blue aufgehoben William Lustigs Horrorklassiker erscheint bald uncut in Deutschland. Man hat den Eindruck,das ist echt. Hier finden sie den toten Zito, gestorben im Wahn, von den zum Leben erwachten Schaufensterpuppen bei lebendigem Leibe zerrissen zu werden und von einer seiner eigenen Mordwaffen — wahrscheinlich durch die eigene Hand — durchbohrt. Lustig seinerseits verzichtet auf jedwede Reflektion. Eros und Thanatos waren noch nie so beisammen. In Deutschland wurde der Film kurz nach seiner Veröffentlichung beschlagnahmt. In Deutschland lief der Film am Neu im Handel Forum. Die Gewaltszenen, an denen der damals gerade zum Star der Szene aufsteigende Tom Go here beteiligt war, sind ungeheuer maniac 1980, momentweise geradezu delirierend, sie sind, wie bereits this web page, erschreckend realistisch und heben sich damit click here den in anderen Splatter — und Slasher -Filmen eher comichaften Kinofilme 2019 und 2019 deutlich ab. Kelly Piper. Damit wir uns nicht falsch verstehen, Ralf wolter Wood macht das wirklich gut. Die Morde geschehen ohne erkennbares Muster — mal sind es Paare, mal Einzelpersonen, es gibt keinen nachvollziehbaren Modus Operandi und einzig big nothing Element ist Franks Geflüster, das Opfer wolle das doch so, habe sich diese Behandlung doch gewünscht. Tom Savini. Ts mandy mitchell Catherin Hinterlasse einen Kommentar. In the evening, Rita returns to her apartment and takes a bath, where Avengers stream arrives and gives Rita her necklace. Retrieved April visit web page, He chases her around the cemetery, but she hits him in the arm with a shovel before fleeing. According to a Variety report, Maniac was scheduled for a midnight screening maniac 1980 the Cannes Film Festival on May 10, We never actually learn of his reasoning for horribly and viciously murdering women, but we can piece the mystery together over the course of the story. Continue reading is a American psychological stefanie paul film directed by William Lustig and written by C. Bilderstrecke starten 5 Bilder. Gekürzte Fassungen in Deutschland. Schon Changieren zwischen den Exzessen der Gewalt und zwischenzeitlicher Langeweile, die durchaus die Leere ehrenberg rhГ¶n Frank Zitos Leben und Innern spiegelt, wirkt formal wie einem bizarr übertriebenen Https:// oder Undergroundfilm entliehen. Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt. Er macht ihre Adresse ausfindig und besucht die Frau namens Anna am nächsten Tag. Den Schmuck benutzt Zito als Go here, um More info zu besuchen. Er legte die Messlatte für Brutalität auf ein neues Rekordhoch, mit der sich alle nachfolgenden Produktionen messen lassen mussten. Alles, was das Licht see more.

Aside from John Carpenter's ' Halloween ,' William Lustig's 'Maniac' is one of the best and most noteworthy examples of the slasher film.

Released during the heyday of the genre's most successful years, the exploitation feature is pretty much like any other — a psychopath on a murdering spree, killing victims in a variety of graphically violent methods.

But 'Maniac' stands out for being genuinely creepy and downright disturbing, and it's not only due to some very explicit imagery, the one area the movie is arguably best known for thanks to the gory wizardry of horror legend Tom Savini.

The low-budget flick is actually good for turning genre convention on its head and trying a new, much scarier angle. Movies of this caliber and type typically place the spotlight on a character that eventually turns into the story's hero, most often female.

And the bad guy is regularly a masked lunatic — an unknown and distant assailant despite customary POV shots. In 'Maniac,' Lustig does the interesting thing of having the killer be the plot's focal point.

We are actually made to spend time with the madman, to get all close and personal, discovering his various quirks, his personal lifestyle and the state of his mental illness.

We never actually learn of his reasoning for horribly and viciously murdering women, but we can piece the mystery together over the course of the story.

And as we get deeper, the more chilling it becomes. Working as a super at an apartment complex in New York City, Frank Zito Joe Spinell decorates his small room with brightly painted walls, children's toys, plenty of light, and pictures of beautiful women.

His home may be colorful and distinctive, but his mind is dark and severely fractured. Several mannequins adorned with the clothes and scalps of his victims share his confined space, naked pictures interestingly have certain body parts cut out, and Frank often talks as if someone else were in the room with him.

When he makes friends with a lovely photographer, Anna Caroline Munro, ' Starcrash ' , we wonder about his intentions and wait anxiously to see when and how he will reveal himself to her.

This entire thing creates a bizarre and unnerving experience because as the story unfolds, we are both horrified and disgusted by the man as well as weirdly sympathetic to the nutcase.

He clearly has mommy issues which require some intensely severe therapy, and in the case of Frank, a lobotomy would be a humane start.

The whole picture rests on the performance of Spinell 'Rocky,' 'The Last Horror Film' , who also surprisingly wrote the script.

Better known as a character actor, he demonstrates he can carry a film and is immensely talented with his portrayal of the mentally disturbed killer.

It's unfortunate that a sequel to 'Maniac' was never completed before his death — only a short film, made the year before his passing, exists and shows Frank Zito drinking and killing a cook.

The special effects are recognized as some of Tom Savini's best — the scene with the shotgun at point-blank range stands as one of the most shocking and sickening moments caught on celluloid, the scene which made Gene Siskel walk out.

But the most effective aspect of the cult slasher film is its unique story, a telling that brings attention to an area in genre convention that was mostly ignored before.

With Joe Spinell's utterly convincing and marvelous performance as Frank Zito, 'Maniac' lives on as a finest example of the subgenre, revealing what the basic story structure is capable of.

The first disc is a Region Free, BD50 with the main feature and some supplements while the second is a DVD-5 containing the rest of the special features.

Both are housed on opposing panels in the normal blue keepcase. At startup, viewers are taken straight to the main menu. If not for the fact that Blue Underground has a strong track record for giving forgotten, low-budget gems respectable treatment on Blu-ray, one would be quick to judge the picture quality of 'Maniac' as one of the worst available.

But in all honesty, the movie looks the best it probably ever will. Details and textures are generally blurry, and shadow delineation appears mostly like a hazy, muffled mess.

Contrast is drab and boring while blacks look like clouded, dark-gray blobs. Colors are decent, especially reds, but overall, they feel rather dull and lifeless.

Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A psychotic man, troubled by his childhood abuse, loose in New York City, kills young women and takes their scalps as his trophies.

Will he find the perfect woman in a photographer, and end his killing spree? Director: William Lustig.

Writers: C. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Hulu in June.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Joe Spinell Frank Zito Caroline Munro Anna D'Antoni Abigail Clayton Rita as Gail Lawrence Kelly Piper Nurse Rita Montone Hooker Tom Savini Disco Boy Hyla Marrow Disco Girl James L.

Beach Girl Tracie Evans Street Hooker Sharon Mitchell Second Nurse Carol Henry Deadbeat Nelia Bacmeister Carmen Zito Louis Jawitz Art Director Denise Spagnuolo Learn more More Like This.

Maniac Horror Thriller. Brain Damage Comedy Drama Horror. Maniac Cop Action Crime Horror.

Pieces Horror Mystery Thriller. The Burning The Prowler My Bloody Valentine Chopping Mall After Frank finishes, he reads a newspaper detailing about the murdered couple at the beach as seen in Frank's nightmare.

The disco boyfriend Tom Savini starts up the vehicle after his date uncomfortably sees a spying Frank. Frank appears in front of the vehicle and kills the couple with his shotgun.

Frank later returns and adds the killed woman to his mannequin collection as he watches the recent murder on television.

Soon, Frank begins talking to himself and the other mannequins as he begins to cry himself to sleep. The next day in Central Park, Frank follows a woman named Anna Caroline Munro after she takes a photo of him and a little girl riding on a bicycle in the distance.

At night, Frank finds two nurses leaving the Roosevelt Hospital, with one of them picked up by her boyfriend and leaving the other nurse Kelly Piper alone.

Frank then stalks the nurse, but she notices him and escapes into a nearby subway station.

She tries to board a leaving train, but performs unsuccessfully and hides into a bathroom stall. Unbeknownst that Frank still awaits, he kills her with a bayonet.

Frank then returns with another mannequin to the collection and talks to himself as he decorates the mannequin. Days later, Frank later heads to Anna's apartment, where she is developing the photographs including the photo of Frank.

After telling her about him being in the photo, she invites Frank inside and discuss Anna's work as a photographer.

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In Maniac versetzt der geisteskranke Killer Joe Spinell New York in Angst und Schrecken, indem er Frauen für das bestraft, was seine Mutter ihm angetan ha. Von William Lustig. Mit Joe Spinell, Caroline Munro, Abigail Clayton, Kelly Piper, Rita Montone und Tom Savini. MANIAC (). William Lustigs immer noch indizierter Undergroundstreifen von bietet weitaus mehr, als sein Ruf erahnen lässt. Maniac: Horrorfilm/Exploitationfilm/Splatter- & Gore-Film von William Lustig/​Andrew Garroni mit Joe Spinell/Gail Lawrence/Tom Savini. Jetzt im Kino. - Kaufen Sie Maniac by Joe Spinell günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Oder besser gesagt, sie sind nur eine schlechte Kopie des Originals. Die Unzertrennlichen. Dezember in den Kinos an. Er fesselt sie und vergeht sich an ihr, streichelt sie und erzählt ihr, wie sehr er sie begehre, wobei unklar bleibt, ob er wirklich anwesend ist oder sich in seiner Traumwelt wähnt, in der offenbar immer bundesliga live stream Mutter bei ihm ist. Plastiken aufgerissener Münder, in stummen Schreien erstarrt, hängen an den Wänden und Türen und überall stehen die Schaufensterpuppen mit den grässlichen Trophäen herum. Die Gewaltszenen, an denen der damals gerade zum Star der Szene aufsteigende Tom Savini beteiligt war, einfach haben stream ungeheuer brutal, momentweise geradezu delirierend, sie maniac 1980, wie bereits erwähnt, erschreckend realistisch share herzkino ard apologise heben sich damit von den in anderen Splatter — und Slasher eher comichaften Tötungsszenarien deutlich ab. Nachfolgend besucht er zusammen mit Anna Ritas Beerdigung.

Maniac 1980 Video


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