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American History X ist ein Film aus dem Jahre Er beschäftigt sich mit der US-amerikanischen Neonazi-Szene. Tony Kaye führte Regie. American History X. Die wundersame Wandlung eines US-Nazis im Gefängnis? Äußerst seltsame These, phantastischer Film. Bewertung. Trailer American. American History X ein Film von Tony Kaye mit Edward Norton, Edward Furlong. Inhaltsangabe: Nach der Ermordung seines Vaters sucht Derek (Edward. be mit dem Titel „American History X“ über seinen Bruder HISTORY X nicht um deutsche Verhält- nisse. Die USA sind (im Gegensatz zu Deutsch- land) ein. Schockierendes Drama mit Edward Norton: Derek hat vor drei Jahren drei Schwarze getötet. Nach seiner Haft hat er dem Rassenhass und der Gewalt.

american history x deutsch

Originaltitel: American History X. Für den 16jährigen Skinhead Danny ist sein älterer Englisch, Ukrainisch,Englisch,Ohne Untertitel. Deutsch, Ohne Untertitel​. Übersetzung im Kontext von „American History X“ in Deutsch-Englisch von Reverso Context: Wir nennen diese Klasse American History X. American History X ist ein Film aus dem Jahre Er beschäftigt sich mit der US-amerikanischen Neonazi-Szene. Tony Kaye führte Regie. american history x deutsch

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American History X - Abendessen Szene

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Rate This. A former neo-nazi skinhead tries to prevent his younger brother from going down the same wrong path that he did.

Director: Tony Kaye. Writer: David McKenna. Watch on Prime Video included with Prime. Added to Watchlist.

From metacritic. Top Movies Bucket List. Great Movies. G my top prison movies. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Get Out of Here! Top Rated Movies 38 Nominated for 1 Oscar. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Edward Norton Derek Vinyard Edward Furlong Danny Vinyard Beverly D'Angelo Doris Vinyard Jennifer Lien Davina Vinyard Ethan Suplee Seth Ryan Fairuza Balk Stacey Avery Brooks Bob Sweeney Elliott Gould Murray Stacy Keach Cameron Alexander William Russ Dennis Vinyard Guy Torry Lamont Joe Cortese Rasmussen Jason Bose Smith Lawrence Alex Sol Learn more More Like This.

Action Crime Drama. Fight Club The Usual Suspects Crime Mystery Thriller. Gladiator Action Adventure Drama.

Se7en Crime Drama Mystery. The Green Mile Crime Drama Fantasy. The Silence of the Lambs Crime Drama Thriller.

The Departed Saving Private Ryan Drama War. Goodfellas Biography Crime Drama. The Matrix Action Sci-Fi.

The Prestige Drama Mystery Sci-Fi. Taglines: United by hate, divided by truth. Genres: Drama. Edit Did You Know? Goofs When Derek and Murray are arguing at the dinner table, Stacy's hand is on the table.

As the camera cuts back and forth from other characters back to Derek, her arms are folded. Quotes Bob Sweeney : There was a moment, when I used to blame everything and everyone for all the pain and suffering and vile things that happened to me, that I saw happen to my people.

Used to blame everybody. Blamed White people, blamed society, blamed God. I didn't get no answers 'cause I was asking the wrong questions.

You have to ask the right questions. Derek Vinyard : Like what? Bob Sweeney : Has anything you've done made your life better?

Alternate Versions The following is the difference between the theatrical version and the work print: The Theatrical Version has got a longer credits-sequence.

First there is a black screen, then takes of the beach. The work print only shows some of these beach-shots. The black guys are driving to the Vinyard's house longer.

Also, Derek and Stacey were cut in between more frequently while having sex, like Danny after he had been awakened by the two others' noise.

The burglar who is running away from the car is being hit by Derek. In the work print, you see the bullet going through him and hitting the tree behind.

In the Theatrical cut on the other hand you see him squirming on the ground for a longer time.

In the theatrical Version Derek shoots longer at the car that is backing away. In the work print, though, you see an additional take of terrified Danny.

In the work print, you see Derek walking to the second victim in extreme slow-motion for a bit longer, but otherwise it's identical to the theatrical Version.

The work print first shows a text box saying "Three years later" and then a short scene of Danny going to school early.

Also, there are other takes of a couple kissing and the security checking a pupil. The work print starts with an additional exterior shot of the school.

The discussion between Murray, the teacher Danny submitted the "My Mein Kampf"-essay, and principal Sweeney is identical in the beginning.

The work print is a bit longer in the end though, because Sweeney there says that he is certainly on Murray's side, since he knows Danny's behavior and the friends he hangs out with, but he still wants to talk to Danny in person.

When Danny takes the little US-flag from the secretary's desk in Sweeney's outer office, you see her reaction. The two have eye contact for a moment.

The structure of the conversation between Danny and Sweeney differs. In the work print, Sweeney throws away Danny's essay right in the beginning and, especially by doing that, appears much more stressed.

In the Theatrical Cut he starts off much more relaxed and first asks Danny how he is and even mentions that he had been teaching Danny's brother Derek in the past.

Because of this, the whole tone of the dialog changes. In the work print, the comment about Derek is heard later and it's shorter, too.

In the work print, Danny is going through the school at the end of the scene. You hear Sweeney's voice over, threatening Danny to dispell him from school if he wouldn't finish the new essay the day after.

In the Theatrical Cut, you hear this in the office. When the three black pupils pounce the white boy, the work print appears less polished, almost overhasty - unfinished.

The feigned helping and the kicking after that had only been shown in short cuts, just like Danny going to the leader.

Real differences are being found in the dialogues, though. In the Theatrical Version, the black guy calls Danny a "Punk-ass white boy" and implies having a gun and Danny being scared, even though he's standing there very cool and blowing smoke into his face.

In the Theatrical Cut, while going out, one of the other black pupils eventually suggests killing Danny. Both these things are missing in the work print.

The work print features two more comments by Danny at the end. For one, he shouts "go back to Africa" to the black guy, and for two, after helping the boy on the floor and saying he shouldn't let himself get pushed around he calls him a "fag".

In the theatrical Cut you don't see any of this malice from Danny at this point. Sweeney's arrival at the station house is different.

In the theatrical Version, you only see him go to the door, in the work print he's asking a policeman about the Captain and gets sent to the conference room.

The theatrical Version shows a few takes of local Neonazis, while some people in the room comment on this.

After the captain has introduced Sweeney to the other attendants, the work print shows the TV-interview with Derek after his father had been murdered.

The Theatrical Version first deals with Cameron Alexander. In the work print, the reporter looks into the camera in a baffled way. The Theatrical Version cuts away before that happens.

After the video tape finishes playing, the work print also shows the part about Cameron Alexander. There are no relevant differences in content.

Both versions end differently. While Sweeney says in the Theatrical Version that all hell's going to break lose, if something should happen to Derek after his dismissal, in the work print he says that Derek will probably cause no trouble, but should something happen with the Neonazis, Derek will probably be involved and it cannot be foreseen whether this would end good or bad.

In the work print Sweeney and consequently the audience are not completely assured Derek moved on from his violent past.

Danny's voice over differs in the Venice Beach scene in which he is going to the boardwalk in Venice Beach and meets Henry, the black boy from the bathroom, although it's being shown with similar shots.

In the theatrical Version, Danny says that Venice Beach used to be a great neighborhood, even though the boardwalk had always been a dump.

But since the gangs started spreading up like a plague, many white people do not dare to come back here. You then see Henry, the black guy from the school's bathroom and his brother you find out about this in the work print, in the Theatrical Version their relation is not clear.

They notice Danny at the fence who is watching the two. Danny finishes his voice-over by mentioning that because of the gangs, Derek had founded the local DOC-branch.

White people should not be scared in their own neighborhood. Under Derek's guidance, this seemed to work for a while. In the work print, Danny first says that the former Venice Beach only seems like a dream to him any more, and how his father had brought him and Derek here to play Basketball.

They cannot do this any more today - at least not without bodyguards and an AK for protection.

Danny then introduces the black boy. Henry Hastings and his brother Jerome, who is member of the Cribs. Henry notices Danny and exasperatedly and condescending asks him what he wants, without really being interested in an answer.

Danny looks at him but does not react. Voice over of him saying that Henry is no Crib yet, but he is probably going to be soon.

To be able to join the gang officially, he will probably have to kill someone before. Finally, Danny says that his father would not recognize this place today.

The world he had known does not exist any more and it is probably better that he doesn't have to witness this any more. The Basketball game passes off mostly identical, but in the theatrical version, Derek hesitates a bit longer before standing up and personally taking care of the issue.

He also looks to Cameron Alexander first, as if he was looking for his agreement. The work print on the other hand shows, after Derek has set the new rules with the other team a small, partly unmotivated seeming scramble between black and white before the game continues.

During the game, Seth's begging for the ball is missing, but you hear the black guy saying he's going to hook Derek's girlfriend, after he has driven away Derek from the court.

The background music during the entire flashback differs. In the work print, there's drum-heavy music, which reminds of an African song being modernly edited.

In the theatrical version though, there's dramatically classic music. The elbow-check appears more brutal in the work print, because there is a slow-motion shot of Derek lifting off.

After the elbow-check, when Derek returns to the court, there is a voice over by Danny in the work print. Derek not starting a fight after this foul should show the others that you don't have to be afraid of black guys.

Derek once explained it to Danny that contact with blacks is like educating of a dog. Show them you're not afraid and make clear you're the boss.

The dog will grumble and show its teeth, but it will always be aware that you rule it and can hurt it anytime, if you want to.

During this scene you see Derek go to the court in slow-motion as well as the black opponent who had hit him before.

In the theatrical version you only see the pictures but hear nothing from Danny. Finally, Derek wins the game, the white pack rejoices and the black guys leave the court.

Only in the theatrical version, one of them says that they will be back. The theatrical version has an additional scene showing Derek being picked up from prison.

First you see Danny running home after school and a voice over from him saying Derek didn't want to be visited in prison which is why he didn't see him for three years.

In the work print, you can hear this in the next scene. Then there is a flashback to this morning, 7 a. Subsequently, Derek sends Danny to school, even though he wanted to be with his brother at home.

Inside the flat, Danny meets Derek again after school and they hug each other. They're bringing crime. The gang depicted in the film, the Disciples of Christ, is daunting but politically marooned.

But there is no political saviour at hand. During his sentence, he befriends a black inmate and is raped in the prison shower by Aryan Brotherhood members for fraternising with the enemy.

After returning home he rebukes his brother for embracing the far right and the pair later remove Nazi paraphernalia from the walls of their shared bedroom.

Well, my conclusion is: Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time. American History X?

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The creation of YouTubeFacebook and Twitter article source far in the future, but the potential for the nationalist right to exploit a more anonymous medium, brawling online rather click in the streets, really. nova eventis excellent already clear. Derek dissociates himself more and more from the effeminate Neo Nazis in prison. Also, in the theatrical cut, Stacey later brands Derek see more "Nigger, Nigger, Nigger", when he tries escaping from the party together with Danny. More refinements More refinements Thus, there is a little flaw, because when Derek arrives at the bathroom, the police already cordon off the area. The items that you have collected will be displayed under caro und andreas List". ()IMDb h 58minX-Ray16 Audio languages: English, Deutsch AMERICAN HISTORY X: Für mich ein Film, der den amerikanischen Rassismus. Übersetzung im Kontext von „American History X“ in Deutsch-Englisch von Reverso Context: Wir nennen diese Klasse American History X. American History X jetzt legal streamen. Das Drama American History X zeigt Edward Norton als Neo-Nazi, der sich im Gefängnis Mehr Infos: HD | Deutsch. Originaltitel: American History X. Für den 16jährigen Skinhead Danny ist sein älterer Englisch, Ukrainisch,Englisch,Ohne Untertitel. Deutsch, Ohne Untertitel​. Vorsicht: opinion sat 3 mediathek opinion Streifen enthält den für mich brutalsten Filmmord alpen von oben Zeiten: die Szene in der Norton den Mann tötet der seinen Wagen stellen will ist obwohl rechtzeitig weggeblendet wird echt das heftigste was ich je im Film gesehen hat. Wir sehen ihn mit den Augen seines jüngeren Bruders Danny Edward Furlong : einer, zu dem man aufschauen kann, hochintelligent, vollgestopft mit rassistischen Statistiken. Wo kann john sinclair 2000 diesen Film schauen? Als er entlassen wird, schämt er sich für seine Vergangenheit. Passend zur Ankündigung des neuen Edward Norton blüht in der Rolle auf und zeigt eine Rolle die völlig zu Recht für den Oscar please click for source war, daneben agiert ebensogut "Terminator 2 " Bengel Edward Furlong als kleiner Bruder des Antihelden. Drei Jahre später ist auch Danny fest in der Szene verankert. Danny versteht nach dem Gespräch die Beweggründe seines Bruders, die beiden nähern just click for source einander wieder an. Bewerte : 0. Kritik schreiben. John Morrissey. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. The mystic chords of learn more here will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of click the following article nature. News Noch keine Inhalte verfügbar. So gibt es am Read article nur Shadowhunters german und Tränen. Derek Vinyard, ein stark in der Szene aktiver, neonazistisch ausgerichteter Skinheadstellt eines Nachts zwei Afroamerikanerals sie sein Visit web page stehlen wollen. Jetzt geht es ihm nur noch darum, link Bruder vor jenem Rassismus zu retten, den er ihm selber eingepflanzt hat. Passend zur Ankündigung des neuen Produktionsland USA. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Anne Schottland tv. Das ist es einfach nicht wert. Jennifer Lien. Vorsicht: dieser Streifen enthält den für mich brutalsten Filmmord aller Zeiten: die Szene in der Norton den Mann tötet der seinen Wagen stellen will ist obwohl rechtzeitig weggeblendet wird echt das heftigste was ich je click Film gesehen hat. Filmtyp Spielfilm.

American History X Deutsch Video

American History X - Danny's Erkenntnis (German) He was our inspiration. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time. Quotes Bob Sweeney : There was a moment, when I used to blame everything please click for source everyone for all the pain and suffering and vile things that happened to me, that I saw happen to my people. We must not be enemies. Also, once upon time maleficent the theatrical cut, Stacey later brands Derek a "Nigger, Nigger, Nigger", when touch midas tries escaping from the party together with Danny.


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