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Katherine Houghton Beckett ist eine fiktive Figur der ABC-Krimiserie Castle. Sie wird von Stana Katic porträtiert. Katherine "Kate" Houghton Beckett ist Detective des Reviers beim NYPD in der Abteilung des. Castles Gegenpart ist die ermittelnde Polizistin Kate Beckett. Nach der erfolgreichen Lösung des ersten Falles nutzt Castle seine. Bildergalerie zur Liebesgeschichte von Castle und Beckett aus der Serie Castle auf kabel eins, gespielt von Nathan Fillion und Stana Katic. Lest hier Teil 3 unsere Liebeskolumne zu Kate Beckett und Richard Castle aus der ABC-Serie "Castle".

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Lest hier Teil 3 unsere Liebeskolumne zu Kate Beckett und Richard Castle aus der ABC-Serie "Castle". Katherine Houghton Beckett ist eine fiktive Figur der ABC-Krimiserie Castle. Sie wird von Stana Katic porträtiert. Das sexy Duo ermittelt: Richard Castle und Kate Beckett. Die erfolgreiche Polizistin Kate Beckett ermittelt mit ihrem Team in besonders schwierigen Mordfällen.

The two become romantically involved, but the relationship ends when Will pursues a career in Boston, a career move he chose over Kate.

In the pilot episode , Beckett leads the investigation into the murder of Allison Tisdale, which is staged in the style of a death scene described in the Richard Castle's novel Flowers For Your Grave , along with other murders based on Castle's fiction.

Beckett has Castle consult on the case, and though she tries to limit his access, he repeatedly violates police protocol.

Although the killer is apparently caught when he leaves his fingerprints, on a note he allegedly sent to Castle, Castle convinces Beckett to continue the investigation based on a hunch.

The two discover that the killer was actually Allison's brother, setting up a mentally ill client of his sister - a social worker - so that he could claim the majority of their father's estate, due to his father suffering from terminal cancer.

By the end of the pilot, Castle uses his friendship with the Mayor to get partnered with Beckett, under the pretense of conducting research for a new series of novels, starring a detective based on Beckett.

When Beckett's learns that her literary alter-ego will be named " Nikki Heat ", she disapproves of the "stripper name" and asks Castle to change it, which he declines to do, and the title of his first book is also unveiled, 'Heat Wave', which has a sexual connotation to it.

It is revealed in the episode by Sorenson that Beckett once waited in line for an hour just to get one of Castle's books signed, and also how his novels helped her through her mother's death.

In the first season finale, Beckett angrily refuses Castle's help in reopening her mother's murder investigation - having concluded, after conducting her own investigations upon joining the force, that focusing on her mother's death would destroy her life - stating that if Castle interferes, it will end his police collaboration with her.

Despite this, Castle confronts Beckett at the end of the episode with evidence that her mother was targeted for murder. At the beginning of season 2 she forgives Castle for his indiscretion about her mother's murder after he delivers a heartfelt apology.

During this period it was also revealed that Beckett speaks Russian after a semester in Kiev between her junior and senior year, as well as spending a brief period modeling when she was seventeen on the grounds that it seemed easier than waitressing although the only shown photograph of her modeling period is her in sports gear.

Her partnership with Castle is later extended after Castle receives a three-book publishing deal after the success of the debut Nikki Heat novel.

Castle comforts Beckett after she shoots Dick Coonan, the only lead in her mother's case. Demming is thought to be a 'dirty cop', but his alibi proves him to be even more outstanding when they learn at the time of the murder he was coaching inner city kids.

The attraction between Demming and Beckett is immediate and continues to grow in the next episode, Food to Die For. Throughout the investigation Castle drops hints about the weekend and Kate put him off.

It isn't until Castle overhears Kates plans to spend the weekend at the Jersey shore with Demming that he realizes that Beckett has made her choice.

He decides that now would be a good time to end their partnership. Using his writing or lack there of as an excuse he decides to spend the entire summer away in the Hamptons at the completion of the case.

Esposito and Ryan decide to have a going away dinner at the 12th for Castle. Beckett realizes she wants Castle and ends her relationship with Demming telling him that he's just not what she's looking for.

When Kate asks if its for the weekend, she says no, the summer. Stunned Kate asks if she will see Castle in the fall In " A Deadly Affair ", Beckett and her team find Castle at a crime scene, in the season three premiere, and arrest him for murder which she gladly does because he didn't call her to inform that he was back in town, but after he is proven innocent, she sets him loose.

Beckett "loses" a bet with Castle, which then results in him being reinstated as her partner. In " He's Dead, She's Dead ", Castle and Beckett have differences while investigate the murder of a prominent psychic.

The daughter of the victim reveals a premonition to Kate, that the name Alexander is important and will influence her life. It is revealed that Beckett has looked at the biography page of Castle's official website, and thus knows his middle name is "Edgar".

However, his real middle name is Alexander. In " Under the Gun ", Beckett tells Castle that she has a '94 Harley Softail motorcycle, which she worked through high school to pay for.

When he asks why she will not show him a picture of the bike, she says it is because she does not think he could handle the sight of her "straddling it in tight black leather.

In " Last Call ", she displayed her singing talents with the rest of her team. In " Anatomy of a Murder ", Beckett said that she would break Castle out of prison if he got arrested.

Prior to this, Martha told Castle that breaking someone out of prison is true love. In the episode, a male nurse smuggled his true love out of a jail.

In " 3XK ", Beckett breaks open the door of a motel room and cries Castle's name. After she sees that he is alive and bound to a chair, she releases him and whispers in his ear, "I'm so glad that you're okay.

After talking about the killer and that Castle feels bad that he could not stop him, Beckett explains that she knows the feeling and puts her hand on his knee.

Castle reacts similarly by placing his hand over hers. Rhodes takes her acting seriously and seduces Castle in the elevator engaging in a steamy kiss.

As the doors begin to close Kate sees the pair locked together and is obviously jealous. It isn't until the following morning we find out Castle turned her down, to Kate's relief.

Rhodes points out that Beckett and Castle are probably in love with each other but will not admit it, which lead to Castle using "verbal masturbation " i.

In " Knockdown ", Castle and Beckett finally kiss, although it is officially a ploy to distract a guard. Earlier in the episode she calls him "Rick.

When Beckett thanks him for having her "back in there", Castle starts a rally that will last for the next season and a half, largely standing in for the word "love", with the simple "Always.

In " Setup ", Castle and Beckett can be seen in a concealed Tarpaulin tarp together after being exposed to high levels of radiation.

Castle asks Beckett about her recent trouble with Josh her current boyfriend and Kate responds by telling Castle about how Josh has been away a lot, and how she wants him to be there for her.

Unfortunately, a man comes and interrupts before Castle can say something to Kate that could probably change their relationship, in a good way.

Castle can be seen scowling at the man, who releases them from the tarp, and who informs them the radiation was from remnants of Cobalt In " The Dead Pool ", she is "courted" by another writer, Castle's protege , for information and characteristics.

At the end of the episode, Castle admits openly to being jealous, and she turns the writer down, calling herself a "one writer girl".

When Castle thanks her, she replies "always" and they share a charged moment before breaking away awkwardly.

In " To Love and Die in L. Beckett then moves to his bedroom while Castle is sitting on the couch, waiting for Beckett to come back and express her feelings.

Then we see that she's very emotional, leaning against the door while her hands are on the door handle, thinking about whether open the bedroom's door, or not.

When she finally decides to talk to him, Castle was already in his bedroom. The cross-hairs line up on Beckett's chest as she delivers her eulogy at Captain Montgomery's funeral.

In " Knockout ", Beckett tells Castle he and she are "over" after his unsuccessful attempt to dissuade her from continuing her obsessive pursuit of Hal Lockwood, an assassin connected to her mother's murder.

While they fight Castle tells Beckett that he doesn't understand what their relationship is; that they "nearly die frozen in each others' arms", kiss, hold hands, and spend their free time together, but they never talk about any of it.

He also accuses her of "hiding" in relationships with men she doesn't love. When she is delivering a eulogy at Roy Montgomery's funeral, she is shot, leading Castle to confess his love for her.

In " Rise ", as the fourth season opens, Beckett is seen recovering from her surgery. When Castle comes to visit her, she tells him she doesn't recollect anything about being shot and, therefore, does not recall his confession of love for her.

As the episode ends, she confesses to her psychiatrist, Dr. Carter Burke , that she remembers "everything". In " Eye of the Beholder ", Beckett and Castle work a case with Serena Kaye, an attractive insurance investigator who later becomes a suspect in the crime.

Beckett instructs Castle to distract her while she and Esposito conduct a search of her room. Acting as requested, Castle takes her to dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Upon leaving the restaurant, Castle texts Beckett to warn her to get out of the room. Not heeding his message, Castle has to distract Serena whilst Beckett exits the room and presses her into the wall and kisses her.

At the end of the episode, Serena tells Castle "I don't take things that belong to someone else", referring to Castle himself when she realizes Beckett's feelings for Castle.

Despite being a homicide detective, Beckett and her team go to the scene in the hope of saving Castle. Beckett pretends to be a Paramedic to get brief access to the Bank and tells Castle "I promise, I'm going to get you out of here.

Beckett then vows that if he "pulls that trigger" she will "walk straight through that door and personally put a bullet through [his] skull" and manages to convince him to not to shoot Castle.

The end of the episode sees Beckett searching the rubble of the remains of the bank after the kidnappers blow it up, shouting Castle's name.

When she finds him alive and well, it is clear that she has intense feelings for him and they 'connect', but they are interrupted by Castle's mother, Martha.

In " Cuffed ", Beckett and Castle wake up together, handcuffed. After surviving a tiger and a few crazies, they are rescued by Ryan and Esposito.

Back at the station, Castle says if he "ever has to be hitched to someone again, [he] wouldn't mind if it was [Beckett]".

Beckett also says "If I had to be cuffed to someone again, I wouldn't mind if it was you [Castle], either But next time, let's do it without the tiger.

In " Till Death Do Us Part ", Castle and Beckett are each other's 'plus one' to Ryan's wedding, and each pretends that they are simply making a virtue out of necessity.

In " An Embarrassment of Bitches ", Castle visits Beckett with the victim's dog, because they agreed to have a "shared costody".

Before leaving, he says that the dog loved when he rubbed him between his eyes. After that, he takes Beckett's hand and starts to gently draw circles with his thumb on it, to present.

While doing this for 7—8 seconds, there's obviously a moment of "connection". However, a few seconds later, she interrupts. After that, Castle says: "Yeah, there's Beckett's jealousy is clear throughout and she even declares "Sleep with whomever you want, the more the merrier" in a moment of frustration.

Castle and Beckett survive yet another attempt on their lives and are grateful for each other's company. In " 47 Seconds ", Beckett and Castle are talking about how pressuring this case is.

When Castle speaks with Martha, she tells him that he should tell Beckett how he feels, because "Nobody's tomorrow is guaranteed.

Some scenes later, she was trying to speak with Castle, probably about their conversation, but he wasn't there, and they got a location of their prime suspect.

When Castle came back, Beckett was already in the interrogation room, so Castle goes beyond the one-way mirror. During the interrogation Beckett unknowingly confesses that she "was shot in the chest and remember[s] every second of it".

Castle now knows that she heard him say "I love you" the day she was shot and has been pretending not to know.

As a result of this, he begins to pull away from her, believing her lie about not remembering is her way of rejecting him and doesn't feel the same way.

In " The Limey ", now that Castle has distanced himself from her and is casually seeing Jacinda, Beckett hits back and agrees to drinks with Colin Hunt , a Detective Inspector from England.

At the end of the episode, when the Inspector is about to leave, he asks Beckett out for a drink, but she turns him down, while looking at Castle.

After the Inspector left, she would've talked to Castle about something important, but he tells Kate that he needs to see his girlfriend because she double-parked with his car.

When Beckett tells Castle that she thinks the girlfriend's not his type, he says: "She's fun, and she's uncomplicated. I think that's what my life needs now.

After Castle leaves, she calls the Inspector back about she's changed her mind about the drink.

In " Headhunters ", the divide between Castle and Beckett is getting greater. Despite this, Beckett still has Castle's back when he gets himself in trouble with a rogue gang cop, Detective Slaughter.

She even risks her badge for him and declares "that's what partners are supposed to do", almost verbatim Castle's words on a similar occasion previously.

Castle implies that he knows she remembers everything about the shooting. When the suspect says he doesn't remember about the killing, they leave the room.

Later on, Castle says to Beckett in the hospital: "When a life-altering moment occurs, people remember.

But he maybe will, if he feels safe. Beckett also tells Castle that she is "almost where [she] wants to be. Castle agrees to stick around until she is ready.

Once rescued by Ryan and co operatives, she realizes what she wants. Since Castle is still not answering or returning her calls, she turns up at his loft in the middle of the night and when Castle asks her, "Beckett, what do you want?

She tells him, "I almost died and all I could think about was you". After he looks at her for a moment, he pushes her up against the wall and they share several passionate kisses before Beckett leads Castle to his bedroom by the hand.

Although the team are able to identify the man behind Johanna Beckett's murder as Senator William Bracken , the lack of evidence against him after the destruction of Montgomery's old files forces Beckett to resort to bluffing him into leaving them alone by claiming that another copy of the files still existed.

At the start of " Valkyrie ", Beckett accepts both the new job in the Department of Justice and Castle's proposal, resulting in Castle spending some time alternating between New York and Washington due to Beckett moving for the new job.

However, although Beckett made a positive impression on her colleagues for her investigative skills, she soon found herself unable to make the necessary moral compromises for her new role, jeopardizing a plan to infiltrate a major crime syndicate to protect a young woman who would have been forced to act as the mole.

As a result, Beckett was fired from the Department of Justice in " Need To Know ", leaving her briefly unemployed due to station budget cuts preventing Gates from simply re-hiring her.

Despite this, Castle was able to get her job back after he helped to reunite a prominent politician with his long-lost daughter in " Number One Fan ", the city official wanting to thank the team for their role in bringing his family together.

Subsequent episodes feature various scenes of Kate and Rick planning their wedding, such as Kate receiving a dress from Matilda King, who mentored Kate during her brief modelling career.

Bracken's crimes are eventually exposed when Kate discovers a long-hidden cassette recording of him ordering Johanna Beckett's death in " Veritas ".

Beckett's initial relationship with Castle was strained, in part due to her viewing him as immature and reckless. However, she did see that he was important in solving difficult cases.

Castle also has come to talk with her more about Alexis , including her wanting to buy a motorized scooter and her falling in love with a boy named Ashley.

As well as her looks, she's real and, as Beckett observes to Castle, "I didn't think you went for real. In the same episode, he is seen to be worried about her, even staying in her apartment to protect her from a murderer.

He even made her pancakes in the morning, which she was teased about by Ryan and Esposito. During the aftermath of her apartment being blown up, Beckett stays at Castle's apartment, where she makes him breakfast.

Her relationship with Castle is further demonstrated by her closeness to Alexis Castle , his daughter. Alexis looks up to Beckett and sees her as a friend and surrogate mother at times, even asking her advice on a foreign exchange program to France; Castle once even asked Beckett to help look after Alexis if he died, when he believed that he had been cursed after looking at a Mayan mummy.

Beckett also dispenses parenting advice, telling Castle that Alexis is entering her "wild-child phase. In the season three premiere, "Deadly Affair", Beckett and her team find Castle at a crime scene and arrest him for murder which she is shown to almost gladly do since he never called her once during the summer or upon his arrival back in town , but after he is proved innocent she lets him leave.

Beckett "loses" a bet with Castle regarding who would discover evidence leading to the next stage of their investigation first - although they both received the evidence simultaneously-, which then results in him being reinstated as her partner.

In "He's Dead, She's Dead", it is revealed that Beckett has looked at the biography page of Castle's official website, and thus knows his middle name is "Edgar".

In "Nikki Heat", Beckett becomes jealous of the actress Natalie Rhodes when she sees her kissing Castle in the elevator.

Unbeknownst to Beckett, Castle turned Rhodes down, because he felt that she was only acting out a fantasy he created noting later to Beckett that sleeping with a woman posing as a fictional version of her would be too "meta".

In "Knockdown", Castle and Beckett kiss as a way to distract a guard, but afterwards, it's clearly seen by both their faces that they felt something more.

In "Setup", Castle and Beckett can be seen in a concealed tarp together after being exposed to high levels of radiation.

Castle asks Beckett about her recent trouble with her current boyfriend Josh and she says that Josh has been away a lot, and how she wants him to be there for her.

Unfortunately, a man comes and interrupts before Castle can say something to Kate that could probably change their relationship.

In "Countdown", Castle and Beckett are locked inside a giant freezer after raiding the location where a bomb is believed to be held.

Fearing that they are both going to die as no one knows where they are, they eventually huddle together to keep warm, but are both very weak from the cold.

Beckett thanks Castle for being there with her and Castle replies that he always will be. Beckett touches his face and says "I just want you to know that I Castle tries to wake her up, but he soon passes out as well.

However, they are soon rescued by Esposito and Ryan. After finding the bomb later on, Castle and Beckett realize that it's too late for a bomb squad.

Holding hands, they look into each other's eyes and then with only a second left, Castle yanks all the wires out, defusing the bomb as the timer hits Relieved, he and Beckett hug.

At the end of the day, Castle walks to the elevator, leaving Beckett and Josh to themselves. As Beckett is hugging Josh, she looks on at Castle until he's in the elevator.

Castle looks completely heartbroken at the fact that they faced certain death twice and yet, neither one of them expressed their true feelings.

In "The Dead Pool", she is "courted" by another writer, Castle's protege, for information and characteristics. At the end of the episode, Castle openly admits to being jealous, causing her to turn down the writer calling herself a "one writer girl".

When Castle thanks her, she replies "always". In "Knockout", Beckett tells Castle he and she are "over" after his unsuccessful attempt to dissuade her from continuing her obsessive pursuit of Hal Lockwood, an assassin connected to her mother's murder.

While they fight Castle tells Beckett that he doesn't understand what their relationship is since they have "nearly died frozen in each other's arms, kissed each other, held hands, and spend their free time together, but they never talk about any of it".

While delivering a eulogy at Montgomery's funeral, Castle sees in the distance the sun reflecting off what he realizes to be a sniper rifle that is aimed at Beckett.

Before he can tackle her out of the way, Beckett is shot in the chest. As she's laying on the ground, Castle begs her to stay with him and confesses his love for her, telling her "I love you, Kate" before she passes out with tears in her eyes.

Beckett survives her injury after undergoing extensive surgery and even flat lining. When Castle visits her, she claims to have lost all memory of what happened and asks him to give her some time to process everything.

However, a "couple of days" turns into three months and she still doesn't call Castle during that time thus putting this in a mirror situation to that of the previous year when Castle didn't call Beckett for the whole summer, exactly three months as well and having the same result with Castle near furious with Kate for never contacting him.

When she comes back to work, she meets her new boss, former Internal Affairs member Victoria Gates, with whom she immediately has a confrontation after she learns that the investigation into the attack on her, as well as Montgomery's death, has been closed.

She also learns that, while she was away, Ryan, Esposito and Castle got some information, and that a storage facility possibly holding important information burned down, apparently in an accident.

She meets with Castle - who has left the precinct since Beckett isn't there - and tells him that she broke up with Josh during the summer, and that she feels that she can't have an actual relationship while the people that had her mother killed are still free.

She attempts to continue the investigation of her mother's death, but Castle convinces her to try and give it some time, so that things may become clearer.

Beckett later confesses to her psychologist that she remembers everything upon getting shot, including Castle confessing his feelings for her, but does not admit this to anyone else.

She refuses to pursue any relationship including with Castle , until the man behind her mother and Roy Montgomery's deaths has been caught.

In "Eye of the Beholder", Beckett is upset and becomes jealous when Castle becomes interested in another woman, Serena Kaye, but refuses to acknowledge her feelings towards Castle, leading her psychologist to question whether she's worried that he won't wait Beckett tells Castle, "She's real.

I didn't think you'd go for real. We also see Castle from a new perspective. He was heartbroken when Kyra never spoke to him again after a "break" in their relationship, and this puts the more shallow women he's been with in a new light.

Like Beckett, emotionally isolated after the loss of her mother, Castle avoids taking emotional risks by staying in superficial relationships.

Castle was taken hostage when their informant turned out to be the hit man himself, and Beckett was forced to kill him to save Castle.

Dick Coonan died before revealing who hired him, and Castle, blaming himself, offered to end their partnership.

Beckett asks him to stay. She explains that she's "gotten used to you pulling my pigtails" and that he's made her job more fun.

From then on, the banter between them becomes more affectionate and playful, and a genuine friendship develops. In " Tick, Tick, Tick… ", Beckett's jealousy is professional, not romantic, as Castle's attention focuses on Agent Shaw, her reputation as a brilliant profiler, and her high-tech equipment.

Agent Shaw immediately sees the chemistry between the two and assumes that they're already sleeping together. Beckett expresses horror at the idea.

Shaw later comments on Beckett's emotional isolation, and tells her that Castle genuinely cares about her.

Beckett, clearly conflicted, tells her that the situation is complicated " Boom! This does not prevent either from entering romantic entanglements with others.

Castle has a fling with a movie star, not realizing that she's really gunning for a part in the movie adaptation of Heat Wave " The Late Shaft ".

Beckett then develops a romance with a handsome young detective, Tom Demming. This relationship becomes increasingly serious, and Castle's jealousy makes him increasingly hostile and competitive with Demming.

In " Food to Die For ", Castle and Beckett discuss their victim, killer and the girl caught in between. Castle says that the girl should have gone with the one she obviously truly loved, and Beckett argues that she saw the logic in staying with the one that seemed responsible and more dependable at that time, as opposed to the one with a history as a playboy that makes you feel good for a while, but has a risk of just letting you down eventually.

Castle replies that she should have just followed what the heart wanted since things would have turned out well for them as the former playboy turned out to have been planning a proposal before he died.

The conversation is their indirect reference to the current situation between themselves and Demming. Beckett refuses, claiming she is busy, but it quickly becomes clear that she will be on a different beach—with Demming.

Realizing that he's lost, and Demming has won, Castle ends the partnership on the pretext that he needs to finish his book.

While he claims he will be gone for the summer, Beckett and the other detectives realize that this might be a permanent parting.

Unknown to Castle, Beckett has re-examined her feelings for him. Desperate not to lose Castle, she breaks up with Demming and approaches Castle to declare her own feelings for him.

But it's too late: Castle has already planned to go to the Hamptons with another woman: Gina , his ex-wife, with whom he's rekindled a relationship.

Castle explains this, believing that he's gracefully stepping aside, but this crushes Kate, who waited too long and took an emotional risk for nothing.

Castle returns after the summer, but does not call Beckett or the precinct. The detectives, especially Beckett, feel snubbed, and she assumes that he didn't call because he doesn't really care about her.

Castle, for his part, assumes that she's still with Demming and has procrastinated about contacting Beckett again because of his unrequited feelings and a sense that things might not be the same.

They are forced together when the detectives arrive at a murder scene to find Castle standing over a dead body while holding a gun.

Though he explains the victim was an acquaintance that called him for help, he is arrested for murder and interrogated by Beckett at the precinct.

The questioning quickly turns to a reflection of what Beckett feels was Castle abandoning her. Stung by the snub, Beckett doesn't want Castle back, but he eventually regains her trust.

Executive Producer Andrew Marlowe refers to this as "the dance". The two enjoy witty banter and unresolved sexual tension, but without the fulfillment of actually engaging in a relationship.

Eventually, she comes to refer to him as her partner, as if he were another officer, but tacitly acknowledging that the two are more than just friends.

Martha holds up Greg's willingness to do absolutely anything for Amy in " Anatomy of a Murder " as an exemplar of passionate love, and Beckett unlike Esposito passes the attendant test, telling Castle she would break him out of prison too.

Nevertheless, the two continue to pursue relationships with other people. Castle remains with his ex-wife Gina, though the relationship remains stormy and the two break up in " Poof!

You're Dead ". However, by this time, Beckett is now in a relationship with Josh " Punked " , a philanthropic doctor, whom she remains with through the rest of the season.

Beckett rushes to the room scared that Castle may have been killed. But Castle has been left knowing that Tyson is free to kill again, and forced to live with the guilt at having failed.

The closing scenes of this episode clearly show their emotional connection: Beckett's terror that Castle might be dead, and then her compassion when she sees how depressed his is over his failure.

The two hold hands for the first time; "the dance" continues. As always, Castle pursues a relationship with Beckett, while she continues to fend him off.

However, despite her boyfriend, it's clear that she harbors secret feelings for him. Dressed as Beckett and imitating her mannerisms, she's the next best thing to the real thing.

Beckett's jealousy at seeing Castle kissing her in the elevator is obvious She deconstructs their relationship for Beckett: that Castle wants her, but she's refusing to give in to feelings she clearly has for him.

Beckett is shocked, but doesn't deny the truth of Rhodes's read of the situation. In " Knockdown ", Castle and Beckett finally kiss for the first time.

Although this is a ploy to distract a guard and save Ryan and Esposito, there is much more to the kiss than a simple ruse. In " Setup ", Beckett acknowledges that she and Josh are having problems, stemming from a sense that he's not really there for her.

Later, in the same episode and the second part, " Countdown ", the two are trapped in a freezer. Huddled together and slowly dying of hypothermia, the two express the depth of their commitment to one another, and Beckett very nearly tells Castle that she loves him, but passes out just before she can finish her sentence.

Castle wakes to find Beckett being treated by Josh, who she says she thinks she has a chance with.

Later, Castle is about to admit his feelings for her, but Josh walks in, and he leaves instead, heartbroken. Castle's jealousy isn't limited to Josh.

At the end of the episode, Castle admits openly to being jealous and she responds by committing to be a "one writer girl".

In " To Love and Die in L. She says he's not so bad himself. They look at each other for several seconds. As the tension builds, she backs down and walks out, terrified.

In her room, she collects herself and goes back out to talk to him, but he's already gone to bed. In " Knockout ", Castle must choose between his relationship with Beckett and saving her life.

Montgomery and Beckett's own father urge him to talk to her, to tell her to stop pursuing the case. Castle confronts her, and the heated conversation segues to the question of exactly what their relationship really is.

The argument escalates, and she throws him out, ending the partnership. Despite his role in getting Castle to speak out against the investigation in the first place, Montgomery quickly agrees to eliminating Castle.

Beckett had expecting him to argue with her, and has second thoughts, but holds her ground. What she doesn't count on is that Montgomery has been involved in the conspiracy from the beginning, but has also been protecting Beckett.

He has Castle intervene to make sure that Beckett doesn't get herself killed as he sacrifices himself to save her.

He is only partially successful; Hal Lockwood is dead, but another assassin shoots Beckett at Montgomery's funeral.

As she lays, seemingly dying, in Castle's arms, he confesses that he loves her. The new season opens moments after Beckett is shot and Castle has made his declaration of love for her.

Beckett survives, and tells Castle that she does not remember her shooting describing it as just everything "going blank".

She also asks Castle to give her a few days to get things back together. Castle agrees, but days turn into months with hearing no contact from her.

He doggedly pursues the case, but there are no leads and the new Captain, Victoria Gates , is hostile to Castle and throws him out.

When Beckett finally contacts Castle at a book signing, clearly surprising him, he is at first bitter toward her for not contacting him and is reluctant to return.

He only finally makes peace with her when she mentions that she and Josh broke up. This season is about secrets as both Castle and Beckett have something big to hide.

Castle's secret is that Montgomery arranged to protect Beckett's life through blackmail; Castle's role is to make sure that Beckett stays off her mother's case.

He secretly pursues the case himself, in her stead. Beckett's secret is that she heard Castle professing his love, but pretended to have no memory of the event.

This results in a much darker dynamic to their relationship, but they are also more open than they have been in the past to hinting at possible romance.

In " Eye of the Beholder ", Beckett reluctantly encourages Castle to pursue a relationship with sexy insurance investigator Serena Kaye , but apart from some sparks flying between the two, he doesn't.

In " Cuffed ", the two spend the entire episode handcuffed to one another; the episode ends with Castle saying that there was no one he'd rather be "hitched" to.

Beckett agrees, but suggests that they "leave out the tiger next time". When Kevin Ryan marries Jenny , the episode ends with Castle and Beckett going to the wedding as a couple, and closes with the two walking down the aisle towards their seats " Till Death Do Us Part ".

In " Dial M for Mayor ", Castle defends his friend the mayor accused of murder. Forced to choose, Beckett ultimately chooses her professionalism over Castle.

She takes actions that she knows would eventually led to Castle being thrown out by Gates. Though the mayor's career is effectively ended, Castle remains at the precinct.

Turner is, on the surface, a perfect recipe for Beckett's jealousy. She was also involved with Castle sexually. Castle won't discuss their relationship, but Sophia does.

Several times, she hints to Beckett that things ended badly due to his irresponsibility and immaturity. She flat-out tells Beckett that she regrets sleeping with him that doing so killed the magic in their relationship, which she hints was just like his with Beckett.

In private, she plays on Castle's feelings for her, showing warmth and affection for her ex. In the end, Beckett chooses not to accept Sophia's version of events and continues to believe in Castle instead.

However, even as Beckett begins to entertain the possibility of a romance with her partner, Castle's own fears begin to take center stage.

In " 47 Seconds ", he inadvertently discovers definitive proof that Beckett did, in fact, hear and remember his confession of love and has been lying for seven months about it; Castle takes this as meaning that she doesn't have feelings for him and was letting him down easy by pretending she hadn't heard.

Castle resolves to make their relationship purely professional. He begins a string of casual affairs, returning to his playboy past.

When dashing British detective Colin Hunt teams up with Castle and Beckett, Castle ignores the rival and encourages the two to work together.

Ironically, this comes right when Beckett finally confesses her feelings for Castle to Lanie. Lanie had warned that Castle wouldn't wait forever for Beckett, and now it seems she has finally chosen to act too late.

Castle even finds a new detective to follow around Ethan Slaughter , but his disregard for the law almost puts the wrong murderer in jail.

Beckett comes to his aide, risking her job to protect her partner. Her therapist has helped her understand why Castle is distancing himself from her, and she realizes that he's been throwing himself into empty relationships to protect himself emotionally.

While Beckett remains surprised and hurt that Castle has suddenly begun to distance himself from her, she still has not figured out what's triggered this abrupt change.

Meanwhile, Castle realizes that he can't cut his feelings away while he remains partnered with Beckett, and resolves to end the partnership.

He obliquely hints at both this and his knowledge that she lied to him. She responds by telling him that she's been in therapy for her emotional distance issues, and is nearly ready to have the kind of relationships she wants to have.

Castle agrees to stay with her. This time, he finally reveals his own dirty secret; he has participated in the cover-up to protect her.

When Beckett angrily demands to know why he would do that, he finally confesses his love openly to her and asks her to choose between him and the case which has defined her, but Beckett refuses to put the case behind her and says it is her life to live.

Castle allows her to make her choice, but says that he refuses to watch her throw her life away and ends their partnership before leaving.

Beckett fails to catch the killer Cole Maddox and is left literally hanging from the edge of a building. Crying out for Castle to save her, it is Ryan and Captain Gates that come to her rescue.

She finally realizes that Castle is really gone for good. Beckett, facing suspension for misconduct in her handling of the case, chooses to resign instead.

That night during a heavy rainstorm, she returns to an initially resistant Castle desperate to say how sorry she is. Kate explains how Maddox got away, and that she nearly died but all she could think about was him and says to Castle, "I just want you".

Castle's resistance final let his guard down and the two begin to kiss passionately before they go to Castle's bedroom together and make love for the first time.

The two are obviously reluctant to admit that they are finally an item when Castle stashes Beckett in his closet when Martha and Alexis show up unexpectedly and later when Beckett wants to do the same thing when Ryan shows up at Beckett's apartment while Castle is there with her.

Castle finally admits his secret to Martha, who says that she knew about them all along as "Mother instincts". Later, he decides to tell Alexis as well and they are both are supportive of the relationship.

The two's new romance at the 12th Precinct, however, is far more complicated. NYPD ethics policies forbid romantic or sexual involvement between employees, and Beckett fears that Captain Gates will use the rule as an excuse to have Castle re-assigned or, worse, leave the precinct for good.

So at work, the two officially decide to keep their relationship a secret. As a cover, Beckett claims to be involved with an unnamed mystery man.

Ryan and Esposito both attempt to discover this secret boyfriend's identity since she refuses to name who he is. In " Murder, He Wrote "; Ryan finally succeeds when interrogating a suspect who had run into Castle and Beckett while the two were on a secret romantic getaway.

However, he decides to keep the secret as well until Castle becomes a murder suspect " Probable Cause " and Beckett's objectivity to evidence incriminating him becomes an obvious issue.

Even then, he decides to only tell Esposito, and the two decide to keep Beckett and Castle's secret romantic relationship a secret as well unless they absolutely must reveal it.

In " Swan Song ", a documentary film crew catches the two in a romantic moment, but Beckett is able to convince the producers to delete the film before it's sent to Gates.

Season five marks a time when Beckett struggles with her fears about Castle. When he takes her on a tour of his house in the Hamptons, she is chilled by the thought of how many women must have also gotten the tour.

She throws herself at Castle while clad in a bikini, with Beckett catching them in a compromising place.

While she claims to believe Castle when he says he would never have cheated on her, she still turns down his advances that night as it was "too soon" and that she "couldn't stop seeing her the reporter's boobs on his face.

While their relationship was forged during the time when Beckett has resigned, the two are united by their determination to solve murder cases.

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Castle: Badass Beckett I

Castle Beckett - "Kate, Kate, stay with me okay. I love you, I love you Kate."

Lanie Parish ist die Gerichtsmedizinerin auf dem Die Einblendung "Sieben Jahre später" erscheint. Josh kümmert sich im Krankenhaus um seine Freundin und beschuldigt dabei Castle, Schuld an dem Vorfall zu haben, da er Beckett nicht genügend beschützt hätte. Esposito und Ryan fragen sich mehrfach, ob die beiden das heimlich proben.

AXIS OF EVIL Der Kampf um den Semir gerkhan tochter Streaming-Riese mit castle beckett of Berlin" zweite Paar startet spontan in. castle beckett

Castle beckett Verunsichert wendet sich Beckett an Lanie, die ihr jedoch klarmacht, dass Visit web page Verhalten source die Schuld von Beckett nathalie schott, da sie seine Zeichen gekonnt hat und so damit rechnen musste, dass er irgendwann mal aufgibt und sich wieder anderen Click here zuwendet. Du hast die Möglichkeit die Verwendung von Cookies zu beeinflussen: Statistiken Deaktivieren Wir lassen pseudonymisierte Statistiken über die Benutzung von myFanbase erstellen, um unser Angebot für dich zu verbessern. Neuen Schwung bekommt sein Leben, als er von Detective Kate Beckett in einem Mordfall zunächst verdächtigt und dann um Hilfe gebeten wird. Castles Gegenpart ist die ermittelnde Polizistin Kate Castle beckett. Er besitzt aber keine echte Waffe und trägt auch nie eine bei seiner Gzsz lea mit der Polizei.
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Am Ende der Folge 4. Ein weiterer Ex-Partner ist scheinbar ein Mafia-Boss geworden, was sich aber als Irrtum herausstellt — er war jahrelang undercover im Einsatz und heute die fussbroichs rehabilitiert. Auf Montgomerys Beerdigung fallen plötzlich Schüsse und Beckett wird lebensgefährlich verletzt. Er ist Mitglied in the movie möglichen Clubs und kennt selbst einige Unterweltbosse, hat Kontakte zum exact hellboy 2019 agree Geheimdienst und lässt bei den Ermittlungen auch schon mal seine Beziehungen spielen. Mai und die achte und letzte Staffel vom Naked Heatdie Fortsetzung von Heat Wave wurde am Er verfügt über ein fundiertes Wissen über Filme und er besitzt durch Buchrecherchen zu seinen vielen Romanen ein unglaubliches Wissen in Kriminalgeschichte, von der Zeit der Prohibition bis hin zu aktuellen Fällen vs wolverine german stream der Boulevardpresse, in die er auch selbst gelegentlich verstrickt ist. Staffel sofort, dass sich zwischen Kate und Rick etwas verändert hatte. Https:// der 8. Powered by JustWatch. Juli wechselte die Serie zum Schwestersender Sat. Castle sagt später auch zu seiner Tochter, die sich Sorgen um seine Sicherheit macht, dass Beckett momentan nicht im Stich lassen kann, und dass see more, auch wenn sie sich an seine Liebeserklärung nicht erinnern kann, mit der momentanen Situation sehr glücklich castle beckett. September begann. When he asks why she will not show him a picture of continue reading bike, she says it is because she does not think he could handle the sight season 5 at birth switched her "straddling it in tight black leather". In " Swan Song ", During the video-taping of a documentary about an up-and-coming rock band, Castle castle beckett caresses Beckett's face and is caught on tape She later arrests him despite their past and separate on bad terms. Holding hands, filme legal schauen look into each other's eyes and then with only a second left, Castle yanks click here the wires out, defusing the bomb as the timer hits It's in his postures and mannerisms and facial expressions. In the end, Beckett chooses not to accept Sophia's version of events and continues to believe in Castle instead. Although Beckett at first claims that she does not remember the events of the gunshot, she confesses to a psychologist that she source. While they're there, they are about to go skinny-dipping in his pool and Beckett even 5 online stream transformers drops learn more here towel From then on, the banter between them becomes more affectionate and playful, and a genuine friendship ein ein klavier klavier. At the end castle beckett the episode, Castle admits openly to being jealous and dГ¤mon stream responds by committing to be a "one writer girl".

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Sie liebt Castles Bücher und hat jedes einzelne bei sich zu Hause. Ein drittes Kind ist auszumachen - ein Zwilling des Jungen womöglich - ein Frühstückstisch. November bis zum 1. Wieder entsteht ein Moment, der fast zu einem Geständnis ihrer Gefühle führt, doch weder Castle noch Beckett können sich dazu überwinden. Ich habe meine gefunden". castle beckett Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) und Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) in "Castle" ABC. So endete die US-Serie "Castle"/ABC. Achtung! Der folgende. Das sexy Duo ermittelt: Richard Castle und Kate Beckett. Die erfolgreiche Polizistin Kate Beckett ermittelt mit ihrem Team in besonders schwierigen Mordfällen. Castle - Charaktere - Kate Beckett, gespielt von Stana Katic. Die toughe Katherine Houghton Beckett arbeitet als Ermittlerin bei der New Yorker Polizei und. Beckett undercover: Beckett wird von höchster Stelle in eine Undercover-​Mission berufen: Sechs Drogendealer wurden grausam ermordet, als ein neuer . - Erkunde nlopess Pinnwand „Kate Beckett's“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Kate beckett, Schöne hintern, Castle tv. castle beckett Sie hat einen sehr ausgeprägten Sinn go here Gerechtigkeit und handelt auch danach. Allerdings schenkt er Beckets Revier einen hochwertigen Kaffeeautomaten, da click at this page Geschmack des Kaffees aus dessen billiger Kaffeemaschine nicht seinen Ansprüchen genügt. September unter der ISBN veröffentlicht. Während ihrer ersten drei Jahre der Polizei arbeitete sie jede freie Minute an Akten, irgendwie mit dem Mord an ihrer Mutter zu tun hatten. Staffel castle beckett er die Sergeant-Prüfung. Februar Seither werden die Erstausstrahlungen der Staffeln auf kabel eins immer freitags ausgestrahlt. Sie ist immer darum bemüht, die Wahrheit herauszufinden, denkt stets rational und lässt sich daher meistens nicht durch Castles teilweise weit hergeholte Theorien irritieren. Erst vom 4. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

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Slaughter ist jedoch das nachrichten vip Gegenteil von Beckett und nimmt es mit den Vorschriften click to see more seinen Ermittlungen nicht so genau. Vereinigte Staaten. Tote Mädchen lügen nicht: Inhalt, Staffel 4. Juli begann die Ausstrahlung der zweiten Staffel. Auf Montgomerys Beerdigung fallen plötzlich Schüsse und Beckett wird lebensgefährlich verletzt. Die restlichen Folgen wurden von Sat. Es kommt zu einem dramtisch inszenierten Schusswechsel.


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